“The First Woman To Do It, The 438th Person To Do It.”

Man and woman are not enemies.

Attention Seeking

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The feminists insist on reviving all the old cliches about women.

I’ll admit it, this article had me going for a second.  I got mad, couldn’t believe they had to dig their nose into our business.  I didn’t dismiss them right away, I admittedly took them seriously for a second.

So the old saws are still there, even in their beloved Feminism.  They have to stick their nose up in other people’s business, can’t leave men alone for even a second.  Anytime the guys want some time alone, anytime guys are not 100% focused on women, the ladies get all upset.  “Hey, what are you guys doing in the garage?  How much longer are you gonna be down there?  Are you coming up soon?  What’s so important that you can’t come back upstairs?”

I’d only heard of this in myth and legend, so I’m glad they were able to provide me with a real-time example of an extinct sterotype.

Feminism is so corrosive, mocking what it doesn’t understand.  “Oh guys are doing something that doesn’t involve paying attention to us?  Oh it must be stupid and juvenille.  Oh it involves men, becoming men?  Oh that’s stupid.”  Corrosive.  It’s the Hillary Clinton “if-I-can’t-have-it-then-I’m-gonna-destroy-it-for-everybody.”

I’m mad at myself for taking the bait.  Instead of dismissing the author’s rant as a need for attention, I took the bait.  Sorry guys.

If I had done it right, I would have kept my attention on getting the job done, and ignored that mosquito-sounding sound buzzing in my ear.  Which leads me to a larger point, one that will need a longer exposition in the future:  Feminism is a mosquito-buzzing buzz in the ears of people getting the job done, but it is a buzzing with real-world consequences and it’s malaria-like symptoms are doing damage.  Instead of dismissing the buzzing of feminism, we’ve taken it seriously and now salaries have stagnated whilst housing prices have doubled.  Charming chauvinism has become genocidal misogyny in the amplified terrors of the Feminist mouthpiece, another hyperbole that needs fleshing out.

Since all things masculine are practical, here comes the practical advice: when the harpies start harping, dismiss all of it and translate it’s meaning into the fact that somebody’s starving for attention.  Don’t get mad, don’t question your actions, don’t get derailed from the task at hand.  Learn from my mistake, I’m still cutting my teeth.

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Written by Common Sense

May 16, 2008 at 5:35 pm

Posted in Bad News

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