“The First Woman To Do It, The 438th Person To Do It.”

Man and woman are not enemies.


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-A man is excellent, competent, risk-taking and risk-achieving.  He doesn’t ask, he doesn’t cue, he doesn’t wait.

-I don’t consider all sides, I’m not aware of other people.  I’m too busy getting stuff done and getting it done right, and getting it done right the first time.

-I’m too busy being excellent to worry about if everyone feels included.

-There is no such entity as “Men.”  There are, in fact, a loose confederation of lone wolves.  Self-centered, singular, narrowly focused executors.  Stay out of their way, let them do their thing, get the glory alongside them.

-Man makes a lot of noise, seemingly unnecessary noise at that.  Excellent noise.

-There is no ‘level playing field.’  There never was.  You get in there and you fight with your jaws and your claws.  Grab ahold of a good old boy and ride that rocket.

-I walk around with a hard-on all day.  A hard-on to myself.

-Perhaps I sound strange to the outside ear, but I’m too busy doing excellent things to worry about that.  Self-reflection is a distraction.

-Don’t distract me with tales of caution and self-reflection and worries and housework.  Encourage and prime my flights of great height.  Encourage me, milk me, rev me up, move me.  Inspire me.

-Inspire me, tittilate me.  Make me trudge through 4 miles of snowy terrain to get to you.

-In the make believe, intellectualized mind-world, might doesn’t make right.  In the real world of reality, contary to what you may want, might makes right.  Maybe it doesn’t make right, but it does get things done.

-To be attractive to my woman, I don’t have to worry about her feelings or know what she thinks.  I have to build buildings and walk tall and make the most money and wind up on the moon.  Neil Armstrong was too busy standing on the moon to help out around the house.  And his wife is ok with that, she loves it.

-I’m inconsiderate, self-centered, unaware of the people around me, and by extension I am excellent.  I’m narrow-focused, with a laser hot intensity.  And that’s why I get things done.

-Yes: Excellence, perfection, virtue, quality, honor, competence.

-Man doesn’t wait for self-help therapy, he is his own self-help.  He is his own therapy.  There’s no hurt that accomplishment can’t fix.

-I don’t need a therapist.  Big money and a meaningful life heals all wounds.

-A young man should be taught excellence.  They should be encouraged to kick ass. That solves all problems, in the present and the future.  A boy should be a man ASAP.

-I fart and burp and follow my muse and make things out of excellence and do it with competence.  I am competent to stand trial.  I huff and puff and make noise and challenge others to display and therefore assume my dominance.  I test my limits because I’m compelled to.  I gamble and I win.

-Left to their own devices, man does not censor himself or ask permission or wait or any of that.  He’s too busy building awesome stuff.

-Man’s whole life is to be pointed towards building awesome stuff.  Anything that’s not awesome is not in his interest.  His woman should tickle his excellence and then ride that rocket to glory.  Tickle me, stimulate me, focus me, point me, encourage me, ride me.

-Do the excellent things and don’t do the muddled things.  Don’t muddle up my brain with mundane business.  No busy work, or mopping or room cleaning.  Just excellence.

-Saying I am excellent makes it so.  I say, I demand it, I defend it.  It originates from within and if I choose to squish down others for my own purposes it is their own responsibility to defend themselves.  I will not have a weak offense because I sense their weak defense.  I will not throw the game.

-I don’t need a government to do much more than pick up the garbage and stop people from invading.  My world won’t fall apart if the government’s did.  I’m not waiting for them, I’m already kicking ass.

-I’m a man and I have a lot of money and I can buy the entire bar a drink.  That edges on hyperbole, but I’m a man and hyperbole is what raises my sails.  I don’t save money, I make money.

-Man needs quiet and a singular sense of purpose.  Man can’t concentrate on the excellent task at hand with all this low-energy nutrition dirtying up the water.  Admittedly it’s hard to perform surgery when you’re in Grand Central.

-I am tireless and I am a hard worker.  I am a man and I build rockets that land people on the moon.

-There should be no multi-culturalism, only one culture of Excellence.  No diversity of past history only one forward moving culture of goals dreams and progress.  Don’t tolerate trouble, fix it with awesome.

-Don’t ask me to care about babies in Africa.  Stop cluttering my mind.  Left alone, a man could probably invent something excellent that would accidentally cure starvation in Africa.

-The past 40 years has been a time of noise, muddiness, impotence, dissonance, lack of responsibility.  It’s time for someone to shut all the noise out and take the reins: a man. 

-Clarity.  Single-mindedness.  Action.  Quick and correct decision.  Simplicity and black & white determination. Common sense.

-Man is compelled to act, his fighting spirit moves from within and he cannot help himself.

-Say it and it can be so.  Reach for it, imagine it, fight for it, work towards it.  Man can do anything.  He can take  the idea above his head and reach for it.  Nothing is out of reach.  Excellence begets further excellence.  Do not be realistic.  Start from the Ivory Tower and go out from there.

-Reality is not something to be aware of, reality is something to create.

-Man is not depressed because he creates his own reality.  If something is broken, man fixes it.  Man transforms the world around him.  All man does is change his situation.  He creates it, he visualizes it’s potential, he sees the standard realized in other man’s greatness, he supercedes that greatness. 

-Man does it first, man does it right, man executes with excellence.

-Man would never tolerate litter, failing schools, nonsense.  It’s in those cracks that evil happens.

-Testosterone needs to act alone to be effective.  And it IS effective.  It does not do well with leadership by commitee.  Left alone it is potent, effective, competent, agressive, competitive and victorious.

-“Man.”  That is the only Element that will accomplish anything, the only atom.  Only man can get down to business.  Only Man can do something and only masculinity can be appealed to to fix things.

-Competence.  Virtue.  Excellence. Potency.

-Don’t focus on the worst of us, be a beacon to work towards.  Be a beacon for others to emulate.  Ignore others, make them look at you.  Don’t focus on them, allow them to focus on you.

-You cannot stifle man, you cannot repress him.  We need no subsidies and we are not afraid of any violence against us as we have come to expect it as part of the path towards excellence.

-Man does not treat anyone as his equal, male or female.  No one is his equal.

-A man intimidates and dominates, and expects the same from the world around him.

-Peace happens when man exhausts himself, not when he stifles himself.

-Man is cartoonishly competent.

-Left alone, Man is awesome.  When distracted, we ignore it and go towards awesome.

-Be a beacon of how to do it right.

-I am an individual, unique, a man.  I belong to no tribe.

-Don’t be ‘realistic’ and don’t do your best.  Strive for perfect and do better than your best.


Written by Common Sense

May 22, 2008 at 7:11 pm

Posted in Good News

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