“The First Woman To Do It, The 438th Person To Do It.”

Man and woman are not enemies.

Advice For Single Men

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1) Women are giving and nurturing, so if you’re not going to appreciate that, take advantage of it and try to manipulate women into giving you oral sex in a bathroom of a club and anal sex on the first and only night you’re with her.

2) Women are sensitive, fragile and need protecting, so if you aren’t going to protect them, take advantage of your role and exploit the security you provide.  Be the secret service agent that assisinates the president, so to speak.  Protect her from others and then compromise her weak borders.

3) Women like to please people, so if you’re not going to cherish that, fuck her hard like a man would fuck another man and then 15 minutes later do it again to another woman.  If you’re not going to cherish that, exploit it to your advantage and get her to do things to you way before it’s normally time to.  Get her to please you the way she would please the people she loves.

4) Women are giving, so take full advantage of that by hiring her and making her work long hours.  Give her a lot of work to do, overload her.  Don’t pay her very much.  And keep her isolated so she won’t complain.  Exploit her insecurity and her general inability to speak up in her own defense.

5) Turn her strengths into your advantage.

6) Turn her into a robot – and then replace her with a robot.

7) Dump her when she no longer serves a purpose.  Once she’s no longer fuckable, and provides nothing beyond that, find someone who now is.

8 ) Have sex with a woman but don’t go to her funeral if she dies at some unrelated point in the future.


Written by Common Sense

June 27, 2008 at 9:58 pm

Posted in Good News

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