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Myth Of The Powerless Boy-Child

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Time-wise, it seems to be Post-World War II. And it certainly even seems to be accelerating: The boy-child, lazing about. Extra, redundant, unnecessary, not cleared out by any war, in a sort of twilight. Not a boy anymore, unneeded for him to become a man. Nobody’s pulling him along, or coaching him or pointing him in a direction. A log-jam of years going by but without purpose.

There are no flags to slalom. There’s busy work, there’s a celebration of his adolescent mental illness, there’s a swamp of time not moving. But there is nothing up ahead to show a way towards any kind of purpose. We are unneeded and so we might as well dwell in an in-between waiting room at the doctor’s office. “There’s nothing that needs doing so just keep on with your teenage mental illness and your rock’n’roll music.”

There are a million poorly guided, sensitive young men – old in age even – who are mucking about. Our power, boldness, and potential for pioneering are unneeded at the moment and we occupy a cul-de-sac of stunted growth in place of adulthood, spiritual growth, and risk. We are powerless at 10, at 18, at 20 and we were never given the skills to progress to an effective emotional age of 30, 34, 38 and 45.

It’s true we could work on Wall Street and act like a cock, but we are sensitive and perhaps even trying to be profound and that world is the one we were warned about by the likes of Jim Morrison and Keith Moon and other boys who found their solution to the problem of maturation vis-a-vis never making it that far.

There is no paradigm for growing up right, no bridge from the celebration of youth and young manhood towards the effective life within a 30 year old man’s physical body. Your either a young Abbie Hoffman or you’re a dead Abbie Hoffman, that’s it. There is no enfranchisement, no contingency plan for turning a boy into a man, no meaningful existence. There is only a celebration of teenage mental illness and that provides for no sort of light towards a future. We were angry and impotent, now we’re bored, depressed, listless, boxed in. We’re log-jammed and made to wait.

There are all these extra men, waiting around to die in a war. Our grandfather’s lived a life. Oh man, they saw some horrors. We’ve been encouraged to celebrate our mental illness, and in the process there has been no bridge built towards the future that is now our present.


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May 10, 2008 at 4:48 am

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Surviving The Matriarchy (First Draft)

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Matriarchy’s good intentions are the source of unintended Evil:

-Helmets make us more unsafe.
-The neighborhood men don’t stand up to patrol their homestead, they’re called vigilantes.
-Antibacterial gels make us more vulnerable to infection and illness.  Only the weaker viruses that protect you from the stronger ones have been killed.
-Security guards obey the letter of the law, not the spirit.
-Waste money and harass good people and break the spirit of good people and we’re no safer.
-Everybody is a horrible stranger and we all hate each other and distrust each other.
-Men aren’t allowed to be men and keep us safe and take care of undesirables.
-Evil men start evil wars, and good men are handcuffed by their guilt from doing anything.
-Fear of each other.  There is no hitch-hiking, we fear lawsuits, the inability to help little kids.
-Men are hamstrung and hand-cuffed and unable to come to the aide of anybody.
-Tolerance of evil, as opposed to the patriarchal ‘see a problem and fix it.’ Evil is festering.
-Men are greedy, vain, sniveling, focused on money.
-He thinks she’s getting the phone, she thinks he’s getting the phone.  No one gets it, evil gets in.
-Men are figureheads, with no power and all the blame.
-Ladies don’t take responsibility.  They ask for power and then drop the ball.
-Patriarchy leaves room for women, there are no roles within matriarchy for Men.  So they wander off. Castrated and redundant.
-Single mother homes, divorce, Dad banished.
-‘Men’s Rights Movement’ sounds weak-ass.  Men serve, they don’t ask for rights.  Only feminists take take take.
-Whatever Men cede to women (the education system, etc) goes to shit in a rage of jealousy, greed, bad rules.
-You have to follow the letter of the law, even as the spirit of the law falls to the wayside, making things worse.  You have the equivelant of good penminship and nothing to say.  Security in corporate buildings is a good example.  Even though you recognize someone you can’t let them in.  Matriarchy strip searches white 80 year old women while letting obvious terrorists pass through.
-There are thousands of woodpeckers, chipping away at 10,000 years of progress
-They use homophobia against men to keep them from collaborating and unifying.
-Opinions are taken out of rotation if they’re critical and hurtful, even though truthful.  There is no rigor within Matriarchy.
-True manhood is hated in matriarchy, illegal.  Full men are in prison.
-Divorce makes Virtue and Honor and Goodness seem horrible.  It ruins a person’s soul.  Children of divorce hate God.
-Tolerance of evil, of cognitive dissonance, of the ridiculous.
-The traditional definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again expecting a better result.  CCTV cameras don’t work, but we’ll keep going with them.
-Irrational fear, causing more trouble than the original problem.
-We believe there should be laws to enforce something, when we used to do it ourselves or have the men of the town take care of it.  The government has become the new husband.
-Women demand to be let in, and then demand the rules be changed to their benefit simultaneously.  When in Rome do as I say!
-99 men in a room, 1 woman.  Guess who bends and adjusts to whom?
-A perfectionism and a ‘letter of the laws’ attitude that masks an incompetence.
-The cruelty and torture and inventiveness of it all.  The mental abuse.
-Ditto-heads and amen corners and gathering the baby-chicks all into a safe bunch. Get on board!
-There’s nothing here for men.  We’re bored, fey, prohibited, redundant, disbarred.  Church sucks.
-She can’t share power, everyone must celebrate her, honor her, focus on her.
-Security cameras, security cameras that don’t solve anything.
-A disjointed society, with no commonality, and no good sense.  A guy would never have invented that.
-The Special Olympics-ification of everyone, even people who aren’t retarded.  Mediocrity. 
-Revenge of the losers.  They can’t win so no one wins.  They can’t win so winning isn’t important.
-If you lose, you’re a victim.  You’re exploited, never a victim of your own agency or gamble.
-Be nice to each other?  How about, be excellent with each other.
-Certain ideas cannot withstand critique and are not allowed critique.  God can be denied and juggled and twisted.  Feminism cannot be critiqued.

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May 9, 2008 at 9:55 pm

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In Defense Of Common Sense (Part 1 of 10,987)

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If you are an attractive woman, heterosexual men will have the desire to glance in your direction.

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May 9, 2008 at 9:06 pm

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Political Correctness — The Revenge of Marxism

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In my own horrible opinion, my own shortsighted and horribly ignorant uneducated opinion, this is an excellent article:

Political Correctness — The Revenge of Marxism

I know I’ll be slut-shamed for having an opinion that is not “Rah! Rah! Liberalism!” but that’s kind of the point of the above article.  I’m not just pulling this article out of nowhere either.  Something within the truths presented in the article have stayed with me and helped to translate the world I’ve been seeing.

Think of the article as a “Marxism->Truth Dictionary”.  Translating the language of one into the language of the other.

I don’t agree with the article and the writer that Islam is an enemy, I think that Marxism is the enemy.  But see there?  We can agree to disagree, it’s cool like that.  (Islam as our enemy, coming to get us boogety-boogety is something the Pentagon scared us into thinking.  Suck an egg liars.)  If I’m all up on this article, it must be pretty special.


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May 9, 2008 at 6:53 pm

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Government Propaganda, Etc.

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May 9, 2008 at 5:40 pm

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Bullet Points

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* If you critique feminism, they will destroy you. Not agree to disagree with you, but destroy you. It’s Stalinism without even realizing it.

* Women were once protected by their physically stronger counterparts. They now compete against them and have become weaker versions of them. They went from the head of the line to now competing for the back of it.

* The Second Sex-style of feminism says that women need to act more like men. Destroying femininity is their feminism.

* The Feminine Mystique brand of feminism says the equivalent of “we’re stuck here in this middle class existence, we’re bored.” Poor rich people, take up a hobby. Volunteer or something.

* Feminism declared that women should have the choice to work. But with twice the work-force, salaries have been cut in half. So now women have no choice, they HAVE to work. Good job. Fail.

* Feminists all talk in theory and parrot what their Grad School professors dictate to them. I have yet to hear an original thought or read a sentence that doesn’t begin with “___ said this” or “according to ____”. They wrap themselves in over-wrought headspace and then batter and bully with their diploma.

* Women were obedient to men for 10,000 years. Now they’ve been rescued from their shackles, only to welcome and follow obediently behind their Feminist Theory Overlords. Ladies, you are still objects not yet subjects. Feminism is being done to you.

* The basis of Feminism is atheism, materialism and marxism. They don’t believe we have a static Nature and so humans are free and interchangeable and can be molded into any shape. Marxists don’t seek to fulfill our harmony in the universe, they seek to create it. You’ll always hear “I’m trying to change the world” and never “I’m trying to fulfill the harmony that’s already latent and waiting.”

* Whenever you define Feminism in a way that is not approved by the Feminism committee you hear “wrong, that isn’t feminism!” The thing is, the originators don’t get to define how a virus will mutate. Betty Friedan set a virus onto the planet and it has mutated without her permission. Oh well, good job. So, independent of the Feminist co-op board, this is Feminism: Women and Men are now competitors instead of a perfect Whole; Men will now treat Women the way they treat Men which includes coercion, dominance and struggle; and Women now have no one to protect them from themselves.

* Feminism is like the argument people make against gun control: the only men that will actually heed it are the good guys, so now the bad guys are able to run amuck. Good men have been castrated and evil men can now invade foreign countries with no one to stop them.

* Feminism tells us women are suseptible to messages in the media AND that they should be left to make their own decisions. So which is it? Are women autonomous beings able to make good choices or are they compasses and divining rods forced this way and that way, designed to sway towards outside voices?

* Feminists don’t like to accept responsibility. Women have disordered eating? Somebody else’s fault. Indian women abort their female children? Societal pressure. Women have intercourse with numerous men who aren’t even married to them? And they wear clothes that make them seem like they have sex for money? Not women’s fault. Women have no Agency in this ideology. Rights without responsibilites, negative energy sent outwards but a bullet-proof vest of “don’t blame us or critique us or hold us accountable for anything ever” – that is Feminism.

* “Work is liberation.” That’s got to be the most illogical oxymoron ever invented. It’s almost Orwellian in it’s volume of double-speak.

* When men act like men it’s ananthama, when women act like men it’s awesome? Boozing, aggression, promiscuity, all awesome. Equality has become a step down for women, boorish behavior is not the way to neutralize boorish behavior. What is wrong with gentle-ness? Softness? Why is that so horrible? We need more of that in the universe, not less. Good job, feminists.

* If feminism’s goal was to fix things, then it has failed as an Idea. If it’s goal was to wreak havoc upon society in a fashion similar to a wild-fire then mission accomplished. If a small segment of the population was unhappy and wanted to share that illness with the rest of society, then the ebola that is feminism has wiped out everyone. Your illness is now everybody’s illness.

* Women aren’t the problem, Feminism is. Women seem so sad – brutalized, made to exist in a world that is tougher than they are, alone when they want to be with someone. I don’t care how many pictures of women rock-climbing are out there, women enjoy being cozy and cared for and caring for somebody. Doesn’t everybody want to be cared for and to care for somebody?

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May 9, 2008 at 5:11 pm

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